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Encore Romance Travel

Where Time Starved Couples Go To Plan Extraordinary Escapes

Your romantic getaway is more than a vacation –– it’s a page in the book of your life together as a couple.
It should be intimate. It should be memorable. And above all, it should be magical.

Which is why the average couple spends tons of hours planning it. Sorting through the overwhelming amount of information on the Web can be confusing, overwhelming and at worst, misleading. It can lead to questions like:

• How can you be sure you’re getting the best value for your investment?

• How can you find the right location for your once in a lifetime romantic getaway (honeymoon, anniversary, vow renewal or elopement)?

• You don’t know what a travel professional does and how they can work in your favor

If this sounds at all familiar, you’re in the right place. Encore Romance Travel works with time-starved couples that want to create amazing romantic getaways to exotic beach destinations without spending countless hours researching the right location. Together we can create a balanced romantic getaway experience that fosters intimacy, adventure and lifelong memories.

Whether it’s an elopement (how fun!), an exotic honeymoon, an anniversary trip, a romantic getaway,  or simply because you need to get away we can create an amazing experience. Let us worry about it so you won’t have to!

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About Me

me2 I’m Brenda, the owner of Encore Romance Travel. While engaged and deployed to Iraq a few years ago I planned my destination wedding in four months despite the 8 hour time difference. After finishing the wedding planning I was exhausted and decided to trust a professional to plan my dream honeymoon to Fiji. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a responsive travel advisor. Reluctantly I took on the planning (once again) and ended up with an amazing dream beach honeymoon to Fiji. Once we returned from paradise I decided a change of career was in order and Encore was born. I am passionate about traveling, discovering the world and I love helping other busy couples create the honeymoon of their dreams.

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